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Medico Homeloans is a specialist Mortgage offering Home Loan for Doctors and Health Professionals. We provide home loans and other financial services for doctors and medicos. We have access to a number of lenders that allows Medical Professionals to borrow up to 90% and they don’t have to pay Lender Mortgage Insurance. Health Professionals also get special discounts on home loans.


Whether you are buying your first home, refinancing, building a new home,  purchasing a practice or vehicle, our team of a dedicated mortgage broker will help you make the right product and match you with a home loan that best meets your needs and objectives.

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Our Lender Panel

We have more than 40 lenders to compare from

Practice and Asset Finance

Our asset finance and leasing specialists have extensive experience in arranging and structuring equipment financing solutions. We provide a range of flexible options for doctors and medical professionals.  Whether they’re looking for asset or equipment finance for a vehicle or commercial machinery or office equipment, we have a range of solutions available.
Some of these option we can arrange finance for are as below:

Practice Facility

Motor Vehicles

IT Equipment

Commercial Office

Medical Equipment

Consumer Loan

Business Finance

Goodwill Finance

Refinance Offer

We will reimburse refinance costs both from existing and new lender.  The refinance is free of cost to you and will save  you thousands.

FREE Refinance Offer

We are a specialist Mortgage Broker for a home loan for doctors and medics. We will reimburse refinance costs both from existing and new lender.  The refinance is free of cost to you and will save you thousands.

Call us on 1300 537 000

Why us as Mortgage Broker?

Because experience matters in the Mortgage Industry. As a medical professional, getting the time to find the right loan for you is very difficult. Our service is designed to remove the leg work whilst providing access to specialist products and rates we can organize for you and available only to medical professionals.
14 Years Experience

We have been in the industry with more than 14 years experience and have helped hundreds of families build their property portfolio.”. We have the knowledge and we know how to get you the best deals.

more than 40  Lenders

We have access to loan products from Major banks, Tier 2 lenders, building societies, credit unions and regional banks, non-conforming and specialist lenders and private lenders.

400 plus Products

We compare home loans  from 40 lenders that offer more than 50 loan products. We have access to sophisticated software and experience to find the right loan for your needs.

How Does it work?

Banks know that doctors, medical and health professional jobs are in high demand and they earn high incomes. They are happy to take the risk of not insuring the loans for some health professionals up to 90%




Clinical Pharmacologist

Cosmetic Surgeon



ENT Surgeon


General Practitioners





Medical Specialists








Orthopaedic surgeon


Paediatric surgeon







Resident Medical Officer

Respiratory Surgeon




Veterinary Practitioners

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Rates are historically low but some banks are still charging over 5%.  We have many of the lenders offering rates abound 3.10%. It makes sense to see whether you could save on your home loan

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